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Koala in the “Web-Lights”

I am constantly running into business owners who have an excellent business but are unaware that they have not reached their full potential. We have been transitioning into a new era of business in which many small businesses have not been able to fully embrace. Many of them do not have a web presence at all. The reason I hear from many of them is that it would take too much work and time away from their business. However, in today’s world even the business owner’s that are not online look for other businesses online. Why do they not think they are missing out on customers by not being on the web? Probably because they have been so busy keep focus on the physical business. I hope to be able to connect business owners to knowledge and resources to help them get online. I also hope to learn even more from this experience. A colleague of mine at Smart Media & Associates asks her clients this question:

“If your were your customer, how would you find your business?”

They always answer with “I would look online.”


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