What you need to get your dreams…..

Discipline is a choice we often forget.

It takes discipline to achieve your goals.

Many times we forget how the choices we make now will impact what we want to do in the future. If you have a clear goal in mind, remember that there will be some things and even people that you will have to give up now to reach that goal. It becomes clear who your true friends are when you reveal a dream of yours to them. Those that immediately shoot down your dream may not be a true friend. Distance yourself from them. A true friend will voice their concerns but will be happy for you and try to help you along the way. You keep these friends close. It is these types of friends that you have now that will be there with you while you reach for what you want most.


4 responses to “What you need to get your dreams…..

    • Thanks Chris! I really enjoyed when you spoke about getting out of your own way. It is very easy to find the negative and that is where most people’s thoughts are by default. So people do find ways to justify why things don’t work. But when you believe something is possible, your mind will work overtime to make it possible. Now, when I look at the word impossible I only see I’m possible.

    • Thanks Lady Gwendolynn! I really admired your courage in facing your stage fright. Many people want to have courage, but they forget that courage can only exist in the presence of fear.

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